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Mad Day 2 Special

Why Mad Day 2 Special ?

Ride, shoot, jump and smash your way to victory in this addictive runner Mad Day 2 Special. Team up with ex-Marine Bob to battle evil aliens who have invaded the planet.

To make things even worse, they’ve kidnapped his beloved pet octopus.

Taking on an army of aliens isn’t easy and Bob could really use a helping hand.

It’s up to you to customize his truck and turn it into an awesome war rig by loading it up with shotguns, cannons, lasers and rocket launchers.

Add the finishing touch by slapping on some super armor and Bob is good to go and unleash his fury on those evil aliens who’ve taken what’s his!

During your battle, you’ll want to collect coins to buy weapons and speed boosters.

Oh, and pick up some crazy stylish outfits while you’re at it as well.

Needless to say that Bob is on a mission to make this an encounter that the aliens won’t soon forget!

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