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Galaga Assault New 3D

Galaga Assault Slide and control your ship on the screen of your mobile phone to avoid enemy attacks and destroy them.

Use gold coins to upgrade your ships to overcome more powerful enemies.
They can help you clear customs faster.

In 2020, the virus is rampant, and the army of viruses from the depths of the universe has invaded the galaxy. Dear Player One, please pilot your aircraft to fight the virus.

Our planet needs your protection!

Galaga Assault is a free casual shooting game, all game levels are free to play!

★ Classic Raiden shooting game
It is very interesting to escape the virus and shoot the enemies by controlling the powerful aircraft with one finger to move up, down, left and right.

In the game, you will feel like a real fighter pilot, immersed in the fierce war between the aircraft and the virus. It makes your heart beat.

★ High difficulty
If you think this is a game that you can win with your eyes closed, you are wrong. This shooting game will become more and more difficult.

You can win only if you play extreme operations like LOL, COD, pumb
Starting from the simple level,

the difficulty increases layer by layer. As the difficulty increases, you will be more and more involved in the game. The speed of virus fission is faster and faster.

More viruses surround you and move faster at the same time. Can you successfully escape the siege of a large number of viruses and eliminate them?

It requires quick response, flexible fingers, and the use of your intelligence to break through their encirclement.

★Resurrection welfare
Accidentally in danger, too late to respond to the end of the game? Just one step to win? It’s a pity. Pay attention to the pop-up benefits after the end of the game.

You can revive and fight the virus for another 800 rounds. Be careful this time. There is only one chance of resurrection!

★ Offline revenue
When you are too busy with work, family, driving, etc.

to play games, Galaga Assault can still get coins when offline. So if you try to beat a certain level many times, please close the game and come back the next day,

when you will have a lot of gold coins to upgrade your weapons and planes

★ Random BUFF
* Beating the virus has a chance to get a random time-limited BUFF
* Call a wingman, you can call a wingman to fight with you
* Firepower enhancement, greatly increase the attack power
* Viruses are weakened, and their ability to move will be limited
* Giant virus, the virus will grow rapidly,

leaving little room for you to avoid, pray to God to bless you! brothers!
* Gold coin bombs, all damage to viruses will be converted into gold coins, yes, that is, gold coins that can be used to upgrade fighters!

★Superior quality
*Super cool special effects and beautiful pictures make you amazing
*Exciting background music and sound effects, let you experience

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